One-year course, awarded by the Fiji School of Medicine

The one year Postgraduate Diploma in Eye Care course is suitable for a motivated nurse / science or health science graduate (with a minimum of one year’s work experience) who wishes to provide specialised eye care services. To ensure their interest and motivation to work in this field, and to provide a framework for training, potential students must spend at least one month in an eye clinic prior to their enrolment.

The curriculum ensures graduates have appropriate clinical skills and knowledge to provide high quality essential eye care and refraction services to the Pacific community. In addition to patient centred clinical care, health promotion and community eye care courses are included to equip graduates to promote eye health and provide preventive interventions. Management training will enable graduates to organise eye care centres and self-sustaining eye care programs.

Core curriculum for the Postgraduate Diploma in Eye Care.
Module 1 – Essential eye care
Module 2 – Refraction
Module 3 – Eye care in the operating theatre
Module 4 – Management
Module 5 – Community eye care
Module 6 – Health promotion

News & Updates

Two of the Fred Hollows Foundation NZ’s best ophthalmologists have been recognised as Eye Health Heroes by the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB),

Following the departure of Dr Jim Stewart, PEI’s second director, near the end of 2015, Dr Biu Sikivou took up this role in August 2015.

  • Feb 15- Feb 24      ------ --Wainibokasi Hospital
  • March 29- April 22  ------ Suva Settlements (Waileya & Nanuku) 
  • Feb 15- Feb 24      ------ --Wainibokasi Hospital
  • March 29- April 22  ------ Suva Settlements (Waileya & Nanuku)